Zen in the Zone

About Us

About Us

Who are we?


Zen in the Zone™ is a brand transformation agent that helps companies transform from the inside out by valuing employee perspectives and contributions to make the shift to stronger customer engagements.

What do we do?


We help companies achieve synergy between their internal branding and external positioning. Zen in the Zone™ employs innovation and creativity to create a customer-centric organizational culture. Customer-centrism is at the core of our strategy executions.
At the end of the day your business was created to fulfill the needs of your stakeholders, whether they’re customers, investors, or donors.
Your stakeholders can become promiscuous; they’ll wander to a better deal. It’s your job – as with any relationship – to satiate their needs to such a degree that they do not wander.

How do we do it?


We help you build customer intimacy and loyalty that turns your customers into satisfied customers.
Shift Happens Now!™ is a proprietary approach that transforms your company into a customer-centric organization. It’s common knowledge that it’s less costly to retain existing customers than attract new ones. So make the most of your marketing dollars by cultivating and leveraging your greatest asset – satisfied customers.