Zen in the Zone



Customer Intelligence

Organization Mindset
“Know thy self.”

You may think you have an idea of your strengths, weaknesses, values, and vision. However, as organizations evolve so do those characteristics. As people leave and join your organization, your organizational footprint becomes modified. The greatest strength is self-knowledge. We help you delve deep into your organizational culture at all levels to uncover the hidden you.

Competitor Organization Mindset
“Know thy enemy.”

While your competitors may not be your enemy, per se, they can be a challenge. Knowing what makes them tick and what moves they are likely to make before they make them puts more balls in your court. We help you to gain a deeper understanding of their organizational personality so that you can anticipate their actions and reactions.

Customer Mindset
“To thy own be true.”

Cozying up to your customers is about the best relationship you could ever nurture. We help you see from your customers’ perspective by gaining a deeper understanding of not only what they are but who they really are and why. Most importantly, it provides a clue as to why they chose you to serve their needs and what they expect from you.

Competitor Customer Mindset
“How to win friends and influence enemies.”

Gaining customer insight is not about having tunnel vision. It’s not enough to know who your own customers are. You also need to be aware of who your competitors’ customers are and why. We help you see from your competitors’ customers’ perspective to understand why they chose them instead of you. In other words, what do they have that you don’t. It may not be as obvious as you think.


CX-Focused Strategy
The best way to learn how to satisfy your customers is to engage with your customers. An interactive dialogue enables you to anticipate customer needs. It’s up to you to find your customers’ sweet spot. Once you’ve identified that sweet spot, your job is to tap into it during every engagement. This creates a bond with your customers. Depending on how well you stroke their sweet spot, it may be a bond that becomes impenetrable to your competition. This is the moment when Shift Happens. It is in this space that you are in the NOW of the Shift! Shift Happens NOW™ strategies help you get the most out of your market share by breaking out of the boundaries created by competition and into the sweet spot of your customers.
User Adoption/Change Management

Before any strategy can be implemented there needs to be buy-in at all levels of the organization, especially those in customer facing positions. Shift Happens NOW™ helps your organization to align its values internally. The result is your leaders and organization are aligned and engaged with your market in such a way that you break out of the boundaries created by competitors and into the sweet spot of customer engagement. This is how your current maximum sales level becomes your new bottom. We also offer ongoing coaching to maintain the momentum and keep your organization on track with its strategy.


High Performance Coaching

In addition to managing  your  implementations within scope, time and budget, we also integrate coaching.
Our mindfulness based coaching empowers teams and organizations to implement systems that decrease stress and increase focus on a daily basis.
We coach executives to coach their teams to high performance rather than just supervise or manage them.