Zen in the Zone


Shifting You There

We close the gap between your organization’s customers, employees, and purpose. Before you can engage your customers, you’ve got to get your house in order. This means that your entire organization needs to be on the same page.

How Do We Do It?

We help you build customer intimacy and loyalty that turns your customers into satisfied customers.
Shift Happens Now!™ is our proprietary approach that transforms your organization into a customer-centric high performing organization.
You know that it’s less costly to retain existing customers than attract new ones.

Our Services

Zen in the Zone™ provides organizational transformation services. We help organizations achieve growth by implementing a mashup of psychographics, strategy, and purpose that results in a transformation that we call Shift.

A Little About Us!


 We help companies achieve synergy between their internal positioning and external positioning. Zen in the Zone™ employs organizational purpose to create a customer-centric high performance culture.

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