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Cultivating Connection & Success in Sales

Shayn De Mur
Sales Transformation Coach & Relationship Architect

Guiding You Towards Fulfilling Sales through Connection and Service

From Frustration to Connection:

My journey with sales wasn't love at first sight. As a conscious entrepreneur, I, like many others, found myself in situations where "selling" was unavoidable – a service, a product, or even our own expertise. The negativity surrounding sales was palpable. This negativity often stemmed from personal experiences with pushy salespeople or inauthentic sales training. As someone with a long history in sales and marketing, I wasn't immune to these feelings. In fact, I dreaded the traditional sales approach.

The Accidental Salesperson:

The irony was, I possessed a natural ability to connect and convert. Without even realizing it, I was selling, but in a way that felt genuine and authentic. I avoided the manipulative tactics often encouraged by sales managers. This difference is what led to my surprise when I received sales awards. Somehow, I was succeeding without following the "traditional" playbook.

Rediscovering the Joy of Sales

Years later, I decided to revisit sales to refine my skills for promoting my coaching and consulting business. Taking an outside sales position with a tech company, I was solely responsible for driving new business and managing accounts.

The Dawn of Sales as an Act of Love:

After two years, nearing the end of my self-imposed training period, something unexpected happened. I realized I actually enjoyed the sales process. I thrived on connecting with prospects and building relationships that resulted in client conversions. It was a revelation – sales could be a place of genuine connection and service, not manipulation.

This is the foundation of my "Sales as an Act of Love" philosophy. By prioritizing connection and understanding client needs, we can transform the sales experience into a fulfilling journey for both salesperson and client.

Empowering You to Sell with LOVE

Through my coaching programs and workshops, I'll guide you to:
  • Discover the Joy of Sales: Reconnect with the inherent satisfaction of helping others achieve their goals.
  • Develop Authentic Communication: Master the art of connecting with clients on a deeper level, fostering trust and rapport.
  • Become a Problem Solver: Develop the skills to truly understand client needs and offer solutions that make a difference.
  • Build Meaningful Relationships: Shift your focus from transactions to building long-term partnerships fueled by mutual respect and understanding.

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Shayn De Mur
Founder, Zen in the Zone

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