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Greetings, Mindful Mavericks!

Welcome to Zen in the Zone

A sanctuary crafted for the mindset maverick seeking resilience, focus, and purpose in their journey. I'm Shayn De Mur, the architect behind this haven, and I'm thrilled to share the story of Zen in the Zone with you.

Our Journey to Zen

The Catalyst:

Hi, I’m Shayn De Mur and I am the founder of Zen in the Zone. As a former IT Project Manager/Business Analyst for enterprise software implementations, helping business leaders maintain resilience and focus is my sweet spot. From my own experience I know that resilience and focus begins with the right mindset. It took me years and numerous transitions to get the formula that would put me on the path in alignment with my purpose. Here’s my story: A few years ago I was a stockbroker at one of the largest brokerages in the world. I was doing well. It was the first and only time both of my parents told me they were proud of me. Everyone thought I was the picture of success. But, I had a dirty little secret – I felt completely unfulfilled inside. There was a massive void. As a result, I felt like a total fraud – a failure. Everyday I would put on my armor so that I could go out into the world and keep up this facade so that my parents could continue to be proud and others around me could have someone to aspire to. I kept this up so that everyone else could be happy. But I was in pain. One morning I simply could not put my foot down to get out of bed. It was in that moment that I decided NO MORE.
I submitted my resignation that day. I decided that day that it was my mission to find “the thing” that was missing in my life. That was the day Zen in the Zone started to take shape. This mission has led me on a journey to seminary where I was ordained as an interfaith minister and later I received ICF accredited coach training and due to my transition to IT, I added a PMP (project management professional certification) including several Agile certifications and MBA in marketing. But those were indicative of my setback into the life that according to society I was "supposed" to live. I did manage to take a detour in the midst of all that and obtain an MFA in writing to check my pulse. But was pulled back in. Until, finally I was able to "shake the construct" and start living my life on my own terms with purpose. Today, I use my experiences to guide people just like you to make a major impact on the world through business.

The Transformation:

Zen in the Zone emerged from the fusion of diverse experiences—an interfaith minister, an MBA in Marketing, an MFA in writing, and an Agile enthusiast. It's a reflection of my journey breaking free from societal constructs and living life on my terms.

The Mission:

Zen in the Zone is more than a mindset and marketing agency; it's a philosophy. It's a call to mindset mavericks, to discover their unique contribution to the world while achieving substantial wealth and freedom.

What Sets Us Apart?


Mindful Entrepreneurship:

We blend ancient wisdom with cutting-edge techniques, offering a holistic approach to entrepreneurial success.


Goal Getter Framework:

Our proprietary framework, inspired by Agile, minimalism, and mindfulness, guides you on a transformative journey from goal setting to optimization.


Sales As An Act of Love:

Explore our transformative course that reshapes sales into an authentic, heart-centered act, banishing the traditional "ick" factor.


Ready to Embark on Your Zen Journey?

Here’s to a life of purpose, mindfulness, and entrepreneurial success!

Shayn De Mur
Founder, Zen in the Zone

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